Miguel Hong

I found out 3 years ago that I have type2 Diabetes....anyone who has Diabetes knows how stressful and helpless....and even hopeless this lifestyle change can be....in my case my Dr. Said if I lose weight my type2 can be reversed.....its been a struggle for me trying to diet properly and lose the required weight so i joined a gym but results came really slow....one day I was on Facebook I saw a guy at my cousin Ricky Ricardos gym training someone on this workbench so I started following David Copeland on Facebook after watching him workout and listened to how he created the Absolute Abs plus fitness bench...I reached out to him and purchased a woroutkbench......I was attending a gym at the time but they closed it because of the Corona virus....I started using the absolute abs plus workoutbench....this machine has made me a believer....im always excited to work out on it...its challenging and it really works your core.....ive only had it for a short time and already I feel stronger and full of energy....i often use it first thing in the morning and im going all day...this workoutbench is what I need to help me with losing the weight I need to reverse my type2....not only lose weight but gain strength as well......i feel great at 51 and I'm well on my way to beating type 2 Diabetes...so if you are serious about being in shape and maintaining it the ABSOLUTE ABS PLUS WORKOUT BENCH is what you need....so don't procrastinate order your ABSOLUTE ABS PLUS WORKOUT BENCH Today you won't regret it

Torrey Scott

Oh wifey said it's pressure Hit up David Copeland for your Fitness Bench!

Jay Butler

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